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Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Protect Your Critical business data from data disasters with Carbon Copies’ Onsite Backup Solutions with features like Near-Instant recovery and 15 minutes RPO.

Carbon Copies’ Hybrid Backup Solutions offers you an option to replicate data on a local server as well as in our private cloud to ensure rapid recovery in case of any Data Disaster.

Server Backup Solutions offered by Carbon Copies allows you to backup your servers every few minutes through a mechanism that takes snapshots of all your data including servers’ operating system, applications and the configurations.

Data Loss is Fatal

Losing Data in today’s world can cost you a lot. We make it easy for SMBs to implement backup and recovery solutions so that they are protected from natural disasters such as flooding, fire as well as Hardware Failures.

Carbon copies offers you solutions for Backup and Data Recovery so that you never lose data. You even get an option to get your data delivered to you in a physical hard drive in case your systems go down so that your business is up and running in no time.

Data Loss Statistics

What makes Data Backup so important?


Hard drives fail in the United States each week

Source: Small Business Trends


Lost by Small Companies per ransomware incident due to Downtime

Source: CNN Money

60 %

Companies who experience Data Loss shutdown within 6 Months

Source: Boston Computing

58 %

Businesses have no backup plan for Data Loss

Source: Small Business Trends

How it Works

  • An on site server connects to the business computer or the server to be backed up.
  • A service on the on site backup server captures snapshots every few minutes, including its data, operating system, applications, and configurations.
  • These snapshots are then replicated to our off site servers present in our Data Center.

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