Onsite Backup Solutions

Complete Protection

Lost data leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines, and lost revenue. Carbon copies gives you a complete protection from various Data Loss Scenarios.

Fast Backup

Increase overall performance of your systems and avoid unnecessary disruptions while moving to another system. Carbon Copies will make your transition smooth by avoiding disruptions.

Zero Downtime

Carbon Copies keeps your business operations running by ensuring your data is always available and safe so you can worry less and focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Encrypted Appliance

Carbon Copies keeps your Data Secure by using Encrypted disks which makes the data useless when removed from the appliance.


Carbon Copies backup gives you an option to replicate your data to an offsite physical backup appliance prevent data loss.

Offsite Vaulting Options

Move local copies of your monthly and yearly backups off your local appliance to another Carbon Copies appliance with Offsite Vaulting.

Disaster Recovery

Carbon Copies backup provides you with various options to recover from Data Disasters such as bare metal or image based restores.

Instant Replacement

In the event of a complete site disaster, Carbon Copies will ship you a replacement device with the most recent backed up data.

Active Support

Our Support team is always active and will be quick to respond in case of any issues so that your business is always up and running.

Flexible Deployments

Carbon Copies backup can be deployed as an all in one physical appliance or as a software on a compliant device of your own.

Centralized Management

Carbon Copies provides you with robust, clean and simple to use interface to manage multiple sites with ease.

Continuous Backup

Carbon Copies provides you with options to backup your data every 15 mins to give you a near continuous restore ability.

Get an Insurance Policy for your critical data

Protecting your data has never been so critical. Let Carbon Copies provide you the much needed safety against Data Loss.

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